Western NC BBQ Festival

I don’t think there is a prettier setting for a BBQ festival than Maggie Valley, NC!  Surrounded by mountains, Maggie Valley is just a naturally beautiful location. The fairgrounds in the valley by contrast is flat and well laid out.

We came into North Carolina for the competition with the rain. Driving through the mountains with a 30′ BBQ trailer in the rain is a little hairy, but we made it ok.

We had a pretty good location for the competition. The weather turned out to be pretty good – cool at night with just a stray shower or two over the weekend.  It was a nice heat relief from the July heat we are experiencing at home.

Butch found the weekends entertainment – watching the mountain goats on the hill behind the fairgrounds. The were just where we could see them coming and going most of the day. The entertainment came from the stories made up about the goats – everybody had some kind of story about why those goats were up there.

So the weekend was good up till the awards.  Our scores were at the bottom of the competition.  Not what we expected at all.  We thought we turned in some good meats, but obviously the judges did not agree.

Our BBQ bretheren

Our site at the Maggie Valley fairgrounds

Sons of Smoke give Uncle Butch a lot of credit

Rolling smoke at 3:00AM

Our competition site – ready for business and fellowship

Resting up on Friday before the smoke started rolling

Soco Falls – not far away from Maggie Valley


Maggie Valley fairground full of BBQ competitors


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