Big BBQ Bash

This weekend was the Big BBQ Bash in Maryville, TN. The event is right downtown and draws a good crowd.  This year the rain was on more than it was off, but with our newly designed BBQ trailer we were able to handle it a lot better than we used to.

The last competition in Knoxville we did just outstandingly great.  So expectations by us and others were sort of high.  Well, hate to disappoint, but we didn’t fare so well.  We felt our meats were really well, but the judges saw completely different.

So from a scoring stand point it was was not a good weekend, but we had a good time cooking and fellowshipping with our BBQ friends.

In the shadow of Broadway United Methodist Church

Uncle Butch


Our neighbors for the rainy weekend

Uncle Butch putting the final touches on our brisket turn in box.

Prepping a little sausage and bacon for the sausage category             

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